Who Are You? And What Do You Do?

I’m glad you asked. My name is Roger Willhite. I am the founder of Solarfornia PV. The abbreviation PV is for photovoltaic, the technology that turns sunlight into electricity. For 6 years my passion has been helping people like you find the right solar package for you and your family. I can do this by assessing your needs, evaluating which financing method solution would suit you best (yes you can go solar for nothing out of pocket), and offering you the best value.

Seriously? Why Shouldn’t I Just Check on Yelp or Google for a Local Installer?

Because those installers spend tens of thousands per month on advertising. They put that advertising budget into the cost of your system. That’s where I come in. I arrange what is called EPC pricing. That’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. SOLARFORNIA eliminates that in efficiency. You save. Installers save. And yes, I get a little for my hard work. Depending on how big of a system needed, I can save homeowners anywhere between $2000-$15,000 agains’t what you would have paid for the same package. This results in years shaved off the payback, or it can result in significantly more monthly savings from day one!

What About Filling Out One of Those Forms That Gets Me Three Quotes?

Please don’t! Some websites promise to connect you with background checked installers. Like you can’t do that yourself with a quick Yelp or Google search. The truth is all installers must pass rigorous standards with the California State Licensing Board (CSLB) to operate their businesses. Anyway, here’s a story for you. While I was at a prior company I was put in charge of purchasing those types of leads. Only three companies? That’s a laugh! Almost every single one of those potential customers tell me it was one of the worst decisions they’ve made. They said they get calls many times per day by at least 10 companies or more. They regret the day, often many weeks or months ago, when they filled out that online form. Even months later, often after they already have solar, they still getting multiple calls per day. What a nightmare!

When it was my turn to call the customer I was greeted with some understandably irritated people. Clearly the lead generating company wasn’t being forthcoming with the amount of companies they sold the leads to. These companies are clearly recycling the leads and misrepresenting their services to both the homeowners and the solar installers that purchased the leads. SOLARFORNIA will never, ever sell your information to anyone. Period. You’ll speak with one person and if no longer wish to be contacted, you won’t hear from us or anyone else we know again.

We simplify the solar shopping process by saving you time, money, and the headaches of dealing with multiple companies. You’ll only deal with us until you’ve made your choice. At that time you’ll deal with the operations and customer service teams of your installer.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Currently we serve the entire state of California. That’s why I chose the name SOLARFORNIA! You may want to check out this link to learn more about the best fit areas for solar in California. However, if you are from another part of the United States, I’d be happy to look into it for you.

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